All art is Oil on Canvas no frames, unless otherwise noted. All original work by Ralph McCormick. Most can be seen at Wild Creek Art in Russellville AR or other galleries. FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

Durango-Silverton Number 475 inbound to Silverton. Historic narrow gauge rail line still runs daily Durango to Silverton every day during the summer and has been in operation since the 1880s. 18×24 inches, oil on canvas, price $350.
Known as my Ghost Ship, the HMS Warrior of the Mid-1880s. HMS Warrior was one of the finest warships of the British Navy. One can see her floating mast high and mighty. Oil on canvas, 18×24 inches for only $875.00.

This is a good example of a drive in southwest Colorado… long and straight then to the mountains. Oil on canvas 18×24 inches, $580.00.

Sneffels Meadow, 18×24 oil on canvas, $295.00

This is a unused, older cabin on Dallas Divide near Telluride, CO. It is mixed in the fall when the aspen leaves have turned yellow and some turned lose. It borders some of the many acres that are owned by the clothing king, Ralph Lauren. Many years ago it was near the town of Dallas, thus Dallas Divide. The divide reference is how the describe a pass over the lower part of the mountain. Mountains are the divide rise up to 14,500 feet MSL. Today, the town is gone, the trees have overtaken the land leaving me a great paint opportunity. It is 18×24 inches oil on canvas for $295.

You may believe that this image came from my brain. HOWEVER, not true. It goes like this. In the summer of 2018, I was leaving CO early in morning. As we departed a cloudy day at the 5800 feet MSL airport, we climbed to about 18,000 feet MSL and busted into clear air. It was a photo opportunity. Out came my camera. I started shooting out the south facing window and the clouds were very clearly unorganized and in pillow fashion. All of a sudden about 5 miles or more away from me was this angel exploding through the clouds shooting straight up in the form you see in the painting. Unbelievable, I thought! I zoomed in on the cloud as we continued to climb and move east of the Angel position. Shooting as many shots as I could before it was out of view. This the the oil painting of that remarkable, distinctive, amazing sign from God. Why a sign, you ask? Well, my wife and I were on our way to see our son in Korea. This was either an omen, a sign, a natural phenomenon, a whatever you want to call it. It was God’s blessing of a safe trip or a sign that our death was eminent?

Either way, it was nerve wreaking to consider. I would wager that I, along with me pointed it out to my wife, was the only one on the plane that saw it. My constant inquiring mind urges me to take in all that is around me, flying or driving. Having flown as a pilot thousands of hours, I have never in my forty years seen anything as beautiful and recognizable as this. Call it what you will, but you have the opportunity to purchase the only painting of that event. It is a 18×24 inch, oil on canvas and still drying. Price is $645.00.
Floral 2, size 12×24 inches, oil on canvas, price… for one $185, for two $345.00

Floral 1, size 12×24 inches, oil on canvas, price for one $185, for two $345.00

Red Barn, oil on canvas, 16×20 inches, $275.00.
God and Flag, oil on canvas, 18×24, this idea just came from my brain. I wanted to so something to give credit to Christ fo his goodness and to the “respected” American flag… or at least it was when I was in school. Every morning we pledged our allegiance to our flag and prayed a prayer to God. They placed “One nation, UNDER GOD,” in our pledge while I was in early school years. Today it seems, we have taken God out of our schools, homes, and some churches. For that there is a price to pay. This oil on canvas painting is priced $275.00.

Night Flight, oil on canvas, price $$295.00. Painted in 1995 and never placed for sale before. Effectively, now 23 years old and for sale. Shipping available, no frame. Price $295. It has been in my office and never available for sale.

The Jazz Man with his horn in New Orleans, 20×24 inches, oil on board painted 2022, price $499 includes frame. The man and his horn is Al Hurt, one of the best trumpeter in the world. This my salute to him.

Out of my head came this unusual Blue Lady, 18×24″, framed 2021, $499.00.
This painting has it’s origin from the Bible. I first saw the quote by Abraham Lincoln and found that he pulled the statement from the Bible. It was so well spoken, I designed this oil on canvas to salute the Bible, Lincoln, and our country. The message is attached with hot wax much like it would have been in Lincoln’s day. Size is 18×24 painted in 2021, presently shown in Wild Creek Art Gallery and priced for $230.00. Titled “Golden Apple.”
Silver Jack Lake reflection: This painting is of the lake at Silver Jack reservoir in Southwest Colorado. The painting is looking south from top of the dirt dam. The fall in aspen country is outstanding in color. This was at the beginning of fall. Size is 18×24, oil on canvas, currently in Wild Creek Gallery, price $275.00.
s Sunglasses Girl – Oil on canvas 18×24, $450.