To see much of McCormick’s work if you are in or near Arkansas, go to Wild Creek Art, 208 W Main St., Russellville, AR.

Information about the artist:

Ironically, painting or drawing has been part of Ralph McCormick’s life since the first grade.  He would get caught drawing men, tanks, Jeeps on his paper when he was to be doing work in school.  He always drew on lined paper and sometime in the late sixties he found oil and canvas.  He couldn’t afford canvas, so he used boards or shingles from an old house or anything he could paint on.  The ironic part is that he has never had one lesson.

McCormick will tell you today that he couldn’t teach painting because all he does is just mix paint on canvas.  That is hard to teach someone.  Just “do it.”  Over the years, his works have changed and improved somewhat. Now that he is retired, he has time to spread more paint more often and enjoy the results.  He started drawing army men, moved to nudes in the sixties, cars in the seventies, barns and buildings in the eighties, mountains in the nineties, and then ships, dead trees, sunsets.  He is inspired by the Alpenglow of the Rocky Mountains, beautiful sunsets, unusual situation scenes, and life in general.  Speaking of sunsets, you must hear how he first surprised his wife with two sunsets in one day.  Remember, he is a pilot as well.

He is amazed when some paintings can take as little as two hours and the next one might take two weeks.  It isn’t about time to him; it is about the final product.  It must represent what he sees in his mind!  No less!!!

The Anniversary Tree

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